Personal Finance
Domain Renewal Group Scam – NZ Customers Targeted
Girls… Are you on top?
Structured Interviews
The Power of Networking in China
Workforce Planning – Balancing Demand and Supply
Don’t think about a Pink Elephant!
Are You Qualified To Run Your Business?
Women and Money
Is Your Prospect List A Goldmine Or A Landmine?
Three Things You Need to Succeed
The Heating Company – Connecting with our Market
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!
Why Tweet?
How To Deal With Grumpy Customers
Do You Have Indispensable Employees Holding Your Business Hostage?
“Zombie Chicken” (or when your goals go wrong)
Social CRM – Is it right for your business?
Staff Management Tips – A Tool for Getting Staff to become Reflective
How marketing has changed in the digital age
Is Social Media Burnout Something to Plan for?
Mobilize Mail Offline Client Winning Online
Making a difference before its too late…
Use Your Competitors to Improve Your Market Position
Stop Arm Wrestling with your customers
Domain Renewal Group Scam – NZ Customers Targeted
It appears that internet scams don’t always arrive in your inbox! Some Domain Name Registrants have been the target of letters sent to NZ postal addresses.
Girls… Are you on top?
I am referring to your finances … ! Do you know your credit card balance and the interest rate? How much are your combined direct debits each month? What’s your minimum mortgage repayment and how much of that is interest and the rate your Bank charges you?
Structured Interviews
What are the benefits? How prepared are you when interviewing candidates for a role? Do you follow a structured interview format? Do you use competency-based questions that address the requirements of the role that you’re seeking to fill?
The Power of Networking in China
When it comes to doing business in China, you would have surely heard how important networking is. David Caselli, CEO New Zealand China Direct and Director of I Grow (a corporate finance firm), put it to me this way: “It’s all about networking. How do you get a billionaire to come to a function of a company they’ve never heard of? The recommendation has got to come from a trusted advisor.”
Workforce Planning – Balancing Demand and Supply
What is Workforce Planning? Simply put, workforce planning is about forecasting your current and future staffing needs in relation to your strategic business objectives, then addressing matters relating to the supply of labour, for example are there candidates with the skills you require available? The final step is to get the right balance between labour demand and supply, so that you have the right number of employees, with the right skills at the right time.
Don’t think about a Pink Elephant!
You get what you consistently focus on; use this visualization exercise for better business results! Visualization is another mind tool that successful people use to program their brains for success. It’s simply visualizing in your mind how something is going to happen or play out on a repeated basis.
Are You Qualified To Run Your Business?
Over the last few years I have helped many businesses over come challenges that have threatened it’s continued existence, almost always these challenges arise, not because the business is not viable but because the business owner(s) lack the skills and/or the experience necessary to over come these challenges. Why is it then in New Zealand where the culture of owning your own business is greater per head of capita then anywhere else in the word, do we still continue to jump in there, boots and all, with that famous Kiwi saying “..she’ll be alright mate”?
Women and Money
It is a fact of life that women face a higher level of financial risk during their lifetime than men. There are differences between men and women with regard to lifespan, lifestyles, income and attitudes which can have a negative effect on a woman’s financial position.
Is Your Prospect List A Goldmine Or A Landmine?
As anyone in professional selling knows, your prospect list is your lifeline. No prospects means no sales, and no sales means no money! But have you ever looked at your prospect list and realised this list of people you should feel excited and enthusiastic about calling actually makes you want to do anything but pick up the phone and start making those calls? Have you ever looked at a name on your prospect list and thought, “Oh no, I can’t ring them again!”
Three Things You Need to Succeed
For every pursuit or goal we have in life there are three things we need to succeed. Support – We need the support of our company, our family, our boss or even our business colleagues
The Heating Company – Connecting with our Market
At the Heating Company we aim to connect to our market through every means possible, we have created a website, a blog and multiple social media connections – such as Facebook, Google + and twitter. We have so many products to offer and to both home and business markets. Whether you are in the market for Ventilation, Cooling or Under floor heating
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